Is your child not developing or progressing as compared to other children of same age? Is the child slow or seems to be lagging behind in growth and development – Then, IT IS THE HIGH TIME TO TALK WITH YOUR PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGIST ABOUT IT.

After noticing the delay in development never assume it be a temporary phenomenon unless ruled out by a specialist because your child doctor may use several screening tools during your frequent visits to the clinic. Experienced paediatric neurologist can pick up the delay diligently.


The initial years of a child’s life are very crucial for development. Anything that slows down during those years can impact the later years of development. Therefore, parents should keep an eye on the signs of delay in development and immediately approach a specialist when they suspect problems. The sooner the child gets medical intervention, the better their progress. If you think that your child has developmental and growth issues, then approach a pediatric neurologist at the earliest.