Attention Parents! You must have to approach a specialist in time for dyslexia treatment in Hyderabad because early assessment, intervention and treatment ensure excellent outcomes. Whereas, ignoring the signs and symptoms and delaying seeking medical help with dyslexia specialist doctor can make the condition go undiagnosed for years to the point where the child enters adulthood. In such cases, you may not get the anticipated results. Therefore, if you notice even a slight hint of dyslexia in your child, it’s never too late to seek help for better outcomes.

What are the possibilities of dyslexia treatment and cure?

Whether it is a learning disability or learning problem, it is always better to consult a specialist doctor to rule out the cause and seek appropriate treatment. With proper medical intervention, counselling and proper teaching methods, children can make up for their learning disability.

Dyslexia hampers your child’s reading and writing abilities – owing to which he or she lags behind in studies from his or her classmates. However, there are several treatment options that can help in improving your child’s ability to read and write and to catch up pace with the peers in the school.

Dyslexia treatment is based on an appropriate and customized treatment plan with comprehensive teaching, learning and training programmes. The programs are further categorized into modules – which are dealt by two are more specialists. The training programs and modules are developed according to the unique requirements of a child.

Tests for Dyslexia

When you approach a dyslexia specialist in your city or a pediatric neurologist who specializes in dyslexia diagnosis and treatment, the doctor will do certain tests to test how well your child reads and writes. In addition, the doctor refers your child to a child psychologist to know whether your child has learning difficulties (dyslexia) due to ADHD or depression. Once the pediatric neurologist makes diagnosis, your doctor, special education teacher, child psychologist and others formulate a learning plan.

Reading Programs

Dyslexic children are differently able as they need a different teaching approach, which helps them to learn reading and writing. Dyslexic children often have trouble recognizing letters and matching them with their sounds and also matching words with their meanings.

A reading specialist (child psychologist trained in imparting reading skills) can work with your child to help him or her learn how to read properly: with correct sounds of letter and words (phonics) and understand what they read, read faster and write more clearly.

One such teaching approach is multisensory instruction which enables a child to learn using all of their senses – sight, touch, hearing, olfactory (smell) and movement. Expert teachers use models to train children. The models allow children to use their senses judiciously by rolling their fingers over letters made out on boards.

There are some step-by-step techniques which help a child recognize letters and match with the sounds they make. Thus, a child will learn recognition of letters with proper sounds. One such technique is Orton-Gillingham.

What Else is Required?

You may require extra help to deal effectively with the learning disability your child has. Talk to the school principal regarding the disability your child has and request them for their support in addressing the unique educational needs of your child. Ask them to set up a special learning plan for your kid. It is an individualized education plan (IEP). In this plan, you as a parent will involve, your child’s special educator and psychologist will also be a part along with the teachers at his or her school. An update can be made to the plan every year by the program creators and trainers.