Autism Centre Hyderabad: The aim of the treatment for autism is to reduce the symptoms associated with the condition and improve the functioning of the child and their quality of life. Autistic children have their unique difficulties and strengths as autism affects differently in each child. Treatment for autism involves the services of several experts who work collaboratively for achieving one goal that is centered on the child’s health.

Best Autism treatment centers in Hyderabad

Dr. Habib’s Foster CDC is one of the best autism treatment centers in Hyderabad. The center provides different treatments including developmental, behavioral, educational, psychological, pharmacological, socio-relational, alternative, and complementary treatments.

Educational Approaches

Autistic children prefer visual learning and consistency in approach. Our teachers adjust the academic structure to improve the outcomes. They complement verbal instructions with physical demonstrations and visual instructions.

Developmental Approaches

They help in improving physical skills or language skills and also a wide range of interlinked developmental abilities. Our experienced experts combine developmental skills development with behavioral training and skills development.

Best Speech Therapy in Hyderabad for Autism

We at Foster CDC impart speech and language therapy that helps in improving the child’s understanding of language and speech. Experts at CDC encourage floor time to expand opportunities for communication. We also create an environment to augment interest, motivation, and zeal to participate in shared social interactions.

Our trainers help autistic children develop and practice social skills in groups in a structured environment.

Social Relational Approaches

The objective of these approaches is to build social skills and emotional bonds

Our occupational therapists teach skills such as eating, dressing, and related to people and also teach fine movements of the hands’ fingers and movements of arms, legs, trunk, and body. They also engage parents and the child in play, and social exchanges to improve social and language learning skills.

Autism Centre Hyderabad

Dr. Habib’s Foster CDC – Autism Therapy centre for the Best Autism Treatment in India.

There is no specific medicine to treat autism and its main symptoms. However, our founder and director is an immensely experienced and expert pediatric neurologist with more than 19 years of cumulative experience in the management of ASD symptoms and behaviors. Parents can discuss with Dr. Habib regarding the use of medication for their child’s case.

Our pediatric neurologist prescribes medications to help manage associated conditions such as sleep problems, anxiety, depression, seizures, and other gastrointestinal and stomach issues. Prescription medicines also help manage and control certain self-harming behaviors such as hand biting, head banging, restlessness, and high alertness and energy levels.